"Yesterday and Today"

Alla Horska, Anatoly Kryvolap, Oleksandr Gnylytsky, Artem Volokitin, Stepan Ryabchenko
08 September 2015 - 01 November 2015

08.09.2015 – 01.11.2015

at Lavra City Gallery – The School of Kyiv – Yves Netzhammer

at Mironova Gallery – at the Lavra City Gallery areal – Collateral Event Yesterday and Today

Alla Horska, Anatoly Kryvolap, Oleksandr Gnylytsky, ArtemVolokitin, Stepan Ryabchenko


We have no chance to understand our situation today, when we do not reflect the past. We are unable to evaluate the past, when we do not consider our current situation. I am not talking about the social, political and historical development. I am talking about the field of visual arts. In this area‚ Now and Then’ are connected by delicate lines of ideas, dreams and artistic reflections. These artistic intentions are compressed in the visual appearance of artworks.

As in most countries of the former communist Eastern Bloc, the visual arts in Ukraine have suffered a dicontinuous development. Years have been lost to simple minded propaganda, or stately controlled decoration and glorification. Generations of artists and free-minded creatives had to suffer under censorship and policy making bigotry.

History is getting re-written. And the art history in Ukraine has only embarked recently to rewrite the exciting narrative about the gaps in the system. They start to tell the stories of the nearly impossible artistic‚ underground’,  the tragic of prosecution and desperate failure. As an excellent example for such visual story-telling, I would like to mention this year’s exhibition ‚Enfant Terribel. Conceptual Art in Odessa’ curated by Miroslav Kulchytsky at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Yesterday and Today is trying to contribute to such storytelling. We try to establish a discussion and a critical dialogue, to brigde the deep conflicts between the old post Soviet aesthetics and the actual artistic practise. The exhibition tries to define some roots in the own history of th ecountry.

Yesterday and Today brings together works by two generations of Ukrainian artists. It's an attempted dialogue between some early studies by Anatoly Kryvolap (born 1946 Kyiv region) and one of the more recent colorful landscape paintings by him, with the reduced, self reflections by Oleksandr Gnylytsky (1961 – 2009). Some new paintings byArtem Volokitin (1981) and newls produced works based on digital design by Stepan Ryabchenko (1987) are strengthening the aesthetic diversity. The artistic discourse will be further enriched by a few studies from Alla Horska (1929 – 1970). Who is one of the legendary and, as a victim to the Soviet system, tragic personalities of Ukrainian art world.

Curator Rainald Schumacher

The exhibition runs parallel to The School of Kyiv presentation by Yves Netzhammer at the Lavra City Gallery.