"Via Line"

(УКР) Марта Ващук, Бадрі Губіанурі, Олена Домбровська, Анна Миронова, Юрій Пікуль і Сергій Попов
14 December 2016 - 28 December 2016

December 14 (Wednesday), at 18.00 in the art space of the Unlimited Art Foundation, the opening of the exhibition via line will be held. This is the first part of the project devoted to the study of artistic practices through the prism of key concepts in the field of abstract art - line, form, color. The exhibition is attended by artists: Marta Vashchuk, Badri Gubianuri, Elena Dombrovska, Anna Mironova, Yuri Pikul and Sergei Popov.

The first "via line" exhibition shows works in which the line is the main pictorial element for expressing creative ideas, sensations or concepts. Through the line, as a distinct means and image, artists create a special artistic aesthetics - subtle, sensual, poetic and philosophical. In subsequent exhibitions artists will present their experiments with the shape and color.

"The main goal of the project is the consistent manifestation of the work of artists with the key elements of the language of pointless art - line, form, color. The authors, independently from each other, come in their individual practices to use minimal visual means and forms, geometrically intuitive or conceptual methods of creating a work in their artistic practices, studies and experiments, "the project's initiator, Sergey Popov, summarizes.

Tetyana Mironova, founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation:
"Abstraction today is one of the most interesting and popular areas of contemporary art. It is very pleasant that the Ukrainian tradition of abstraction, which at one time influenced the development of world art, continues to evolve, remains interesting and competitive. "