Starting point

Starting point


Kharkiv sculptors Sergey Shawlis and Oleksandr Miroshnichenko presented their work. The emotional state of a person, all its shades and tones, which are between white and black, is the main theme of the research of artists. With the help of new approaches to the art of sculpture and the modern use of ancient pottery techniques, the authors create not only original images, but also try to convey a special turning point, which is called "Point-of-Sale".

Alexander Miroshnichenko and Sergey Shawlys in their manner investigate the relation between the pressure of the external world and internal stress. New images of Sculptures "without the rod" of Shawlis, and the complex symbolism of Miroshnichenko's ceramic works, suggest that it is the combination of the absolute euphoria and the extremely colorful palette of various feelings that results from that tangle of emotions, thoughts and actions that is called the Man.

The authors are convinced that every visitor of the exhibition must "try" on himself the images of sculptures and recall himself in different life circumstances. Could feel how the mood changes depending on the "color" that will contribute to the work.

The curator of the exhibition is Tatyana Mironova.