Voces en libertad

Voces en libertad



The International Poster Biennale of Mexico (Mexico) has been held since 1989 and is a major event in the field of graphic design. The Biennale deserves the status of an international exhibition, since it brings together hundreds of participants from five continents, leading designers and beginners.

The purpose of the exhibition is to develop a culture of graphic design in Ukraine. The Mexican Biennale seeks to combine poster art and social benefits, since the poster is a clear visual message formula that is intended to attract attention, stimulate conclusions and concrete actions.

In 2010, within the framework of the Biennale, the placards were offered to illustrate the meaning of the word "Freedom", and the collective exhibition was called Voces en libertad / Voices of Freedom. The shortlist includes 110 entries from Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Canada, the USA, Spain, France, Bolivia, Hungary, Russia, China, Japan, and others.

The first prize of the eleven international Mexican biennial poster in the category "Culture" was received by Stefan Bundi / Switzerland, the second prize awarded to Lance Rutter (USA); the third - Mohammad Jamshidi / Mohammad Jamshidi (Iran). In the category "Politico-social themes" the first prize went to Mrs. Gorowski / Mieczislaw Gorowski (Poland), the second - Yang Ping He / Jian Ping He (China - Germany), the third - Leo Lin / Leo Lin (Taiwan). The category "Advertising" did not award the first, second and third prizes, and Antti Raudaskoski and Jenni Kuokka (Finland) received an incentive award. In the category "Ecology" the first prize was awarded to Lech Drevinsky / Lex Drewinski (Poland - Germany), the second - Natalia Alonova (Russia - Spain), and the third - Elizabeth Choyna / Elzbieta Chojna (Poland).

Ukraine is represented in the short-list biennale by the work of a young artist from Kharkiv Olga Selyshcheva. Thanks to this we have the opportunity to present in Ukraine for the first time the work of the XI International Mexican Biennale poster. The exhibition has already visited Mexico City (Mexico), Puebla (Mexico), Jalapi (Mexico) and St. Petersburg (Russia).

Within the framework of the exhibition there will be a number of educational events - open meetings with leading graphic designers, including Vladimir Chaika, Oleg Veklenko, Yurko Gutsulyak. The "XI International Mexican Biennial Poster" exhibition will be held with the support of the Mexican Embassy in Ukraine. Curator of the project - Nadia Carrier.