Project Totem

Project Totem


The exposition will feature a picturesque series "Totem" and a large-scale video installation, created on the basis of the works of this series. With the help of painting and video projection, the authors create a new myth of the castle - as a symbol of the soul, which aspires to the sky, but is chained to the ground.

Igor Melnik, the artist:

"My totem is mankind and eternal human values. Perhaps this is why stork is associated with the image of nationality and Ukrainians. This is a bird living next to people, a bird that seems to reflect us and our society, our intrinsic nature and inner way. "

The video installation, created by well-known Ukrainian djjital artist, winner of many international media art competitions Yaroslav Kostenko (VJ Yarkus) - not only animates the picture of Igor Melnyk. It gives us a special state of emotional exaltation in contemplating the graceful beauty of birds and communicating with art.

Tatyana Mironova, Director of the Laurel Municipal Gallery:

"The exhibition" Totem "is a continuation of a series of multimedia projects of the Lavra Gallery, which combine painting and new media. Hopefully, thanks to such collaboration, the space of the Lavera Gallery will become a new creative cluster where art and technology work together as the only creative body. "