The Amplitude Project

The Amplitude Project


The project was attended by Artem Volokitin, Tetyana Malinovska, Alina Fedotova, Alexey Yalovov, Bogdan Tomashevsky.

Ukrainian artists, using various media, such as painting, graphics, sculpture, video art, assemblage, will present their point of view - a study of the amplitude of oscillations, considering the concept of eternity, peace and harmony in a modern, dynamic world.

In the center of the exposition are four large-scale paintings by Artem Volokitin, created in the technique of magical realism and neo-arko. Swinging crystal chandeliers against the background of a realistic black and white garden - searching for stability, stability and balance - is delicate and perfect, and it is impossible here beauty and harmony. The possible increase in the amplitude of oscillations only exacerbates the observer's attention.

Tatiana Malinovska visualize their environmental science experiences of physical phenomena, introducing a laboratory of linogravure boards, millimeter graphs of amplitude vibrations, incisors and graphs-prints.

Beauty and poetic rethinking of the destructive force of such a natural phenomenon as the hurricane is devoted to the video work of Alina Fedotova "IRMA". The author seems to be looking at the world through a cracked film or screen with obstacles.

Alex Ialoveg explores the shape and balance in this project. The author experimented in the technique of enamels and pseudo-ceramics, looking for the perfect shape.

Work on the clay of Bogdan Tomashevsky "Senatus" forces each of us to continue the reflections of the artists on the amplitude, as a special value of spiritual hesitation and the search for each of us and humanity as a whole. Multiple modules are converted into universal metaphors of everyday life.