The exhibition is part of the Fresh View project. Two young painters, winners of the contest, which hosts the Lavra Gallery and representatives of artistic communities, initiated and supported by KGGA among alumni of artistic colleges, presented their works.

The exposition presents the original graphics and video works of Anne Dubovik and collages and an art object of Zlaty Novikova.

The rhythm of life and development of the world is growing steadily. We are in constant motion, wanting to see more, make it faster, do not miss the main one, stay out of the way. Life is in timelapse-video style. Neon light, vivid parallels of autobahns, pictures of advertising that change every minute on billboards, carnival luxury showcases, noise of cars, trains, planes - all this, in the end, remains in the subconscious only abstraction - geometrically from the lines and colors. And is there in this megacity of the present, in this timelapse-roller life is a human sensation? How does a person feel at the pace of mad speeds and changes? Will it not only be a stroke in the complex geometry of the metropolis? Such questions are raised in the works of the artist-participants of the project and invite viewers to the dialogue, offering to leave their thoughts in interactive canvases "Megapolis - Love" and "Megapolis - Hatred".

Anne Dubovik's abstract work is a definite generalization of the present. Using the glitched effect in geometric forms, the artist tries to convey his feelings of distortion of values, which, in her opinion, is inevitable in such a rhythm of existence. Collins of Zlaty Novikov add in this rhythm lyrical notes of personality traits trying to find oneself, not to get lost in the metropolis under the name of life.

Tetyana Mironova, director of the Kyiv City Art Gallery "Lavra": "By starting the project" Fresh View ", organized with the support of KCSA, we hope not only to discover and discover new talents among young artists, but also to give them an opportunity to see their works from a different point of view-u gallery exposition, feel the creator's responsibility before the spectator. "

About artists:

Zlata Novikova is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv.

Anna Dubovik is a graduate of the Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture.

About the Fresh View

Guided by the initiative of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Kyiv City Art Gallery "Lavra" launches the "Fresh View" project - the exhibitions of the best graduates of Kyiv arts colleges.

The purpose of the project is to provide the opportunity to present their work in a group or solo project to graduates of the city's artistic higher education institutions.