Roman Minin

Roman Minin

(УКР) Роман Мінін
31 May 2016 - 30 June 2016

May 31 (Tuesday), an exhibition of photo-works of the famous Ukrainian artist Roman Minin will open in the premises of the new art space of the Unlimited Art Foundation

"T M Z and other". This is a peculiar cut of photographic creativity of one of the leading Ukrainian artists and its associative impressions from different cities of the world. The exposition includes photos of London, New York and Donetsk. All of them are different in energy and emotional mood and reminiscent of separate novellas of the book.

The basis of the exposition was a series of photos of impressions about London from the project "T M Z". London, whiskey colors and gold coins, filled with white cold smoke. According to the impressions of the artist - it is Mecca and the sect at the same time. This is a zone of alienation of those who can buy a respect from everyone else. Everything is static, even white smoke rising above known structures. Beauty without illusions and soul. This is confirmed by the installation in the form of a large rust barrel with incomprehensible fluid, instead of the Thames water and the original aquarium, where the locomotive is located instead of fish.

Photo works devoted to Donbass are another authorial poetic statement, filled with their own images and an associative series. At first glance, the work is weird, with a gloomy post-Soviet background, which you do not even want to consider, in contrast to the architectural ornaments of London. But precisely on this dark background - the touching stories of human being unfold, filled with colored flashes of emotions, awakening the soul.

The New York Sun's video installation is crowned by the exposition - the big yellow circle lives - the light of freedom or the thirst for American dreams? Everyone decides for himself.

All visitors of the exhibition can have a nice time in the courtyard of the Lavra Gallery, where the EASY PLACE space is located. The atmosphere of art, comfortable sofas, pleasant music will be a perfect end of the evening.