"Sisyphean labor" Gamlet Zinkovsky

(УКР) Гамлет Зиньковский
08 July 2016 - 08 August 2016

The exposition includes four great paintings, painted with enamel, works created on iron plates, 50 drawings and videos.

"Sisyphevaya labor" - so-called any purposeless, endless work. The never-ending work of the artist, Hamlet Zinkivsky, is an endless study of people and all that surrounds him. "All my creativity is a conversation with myself, and at exhibitions - and with the viewer," - says the artist. Talk about life and its meaning - it's a matter, often, useless, but it awakens the infinite work of the mind. Like a good book and a good painting.

The paintings presented in the project "Sizifovaya Labor", created at different times and in different mood of the author. The series of works on iron plaques called "Iron Curtain" last summer was exhibited in Paris, and reflects the experience of a man trying to break beyond and extend the limits of his freedom.
50 drawings are created in a completely different mood - these are the philosophical sketches of our everyday life with the characteristic author's texts, some modern interpretation of Dostoevsky is sad and lyrical at the same time. It complements the exposition of the video, filmed in the night in Kharkiv, which gave the name of the whole exhibition.

Tetyana Mironova, founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation:
"The project of Hamlet Zinkivsky, like all his work, resembles a good book in the style of Hemingway. In short phrases and stingy, at first glance, drawings, there is such a depth, which is not always the first time able to control the thoughtful spectator. "

About Hamlet Zinkivsky: He lives and works mainly in Kharkov, takes part in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. In 2009 and 2011, he became one of the finalists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize. In 2013, together with Zhanna Kadyrova and Mykola Ridny, Ukraine was represented at the 53rd Venice Biennale.

About Unlimited Art Foundation: Founded in 2016. The mission of the fund is to support and develop the Ukrainian young art. The Foundation provides an art ground for free creativity and exhibits of contemporary art. Curator of Art Projects Raynald Schumacher. Founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation Tetyana Mironova.