Sergey Zapadnya EARTH

Sergey Zapadnya EARTH

14 March 2018 - 30 March 2018

Earth as a target

March 14 in the art space F.a.c.e Foundation presents a project by young artist Sergei Zapadnya "Earth". It is devoted to the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea and the war in the East of Ukraine. Visitors will see original bas-reliefs in the form of targets, made from real black earth.

The goals of Sergei Zapadni are a philosophical reflection on our lives and values:

"Earth - the first principle of all living things and this is the object for which all the wars of the world are conducted. During the war, the land and man are transformed into an abstract magnitude-the target "- says the author.

The exhibition will also feature his works from the series "Deconstruction" - large circles from different models of weapons with a monochrome abstract pattern. Feature of works of the artist - original author's technique of overlaying graphic drawings on each other.

"The task of contemporary art not only reflects the present, but also creates a precedent for reflection for each spectator. In my opinion, Sergey Zapadnya has found very successful receptions, so that the project had not only political, social subtext, but also deep philosophical content ", - says the founder of F.a.c.e Foundation Tetyana Mironova.