07 December 2017 - 26 January 2018

For several years, the young photographer Sergei Melnichenko successfully shot naked men in nature, applying the traditions of the Kharkov school of photography. And then he left for two years in China to work as a dancer. Once in a country with a billion people and a foreign culture, there is no chance to survive, it remains only to succumb to this adventure. Sergei Melnichenko also did not escape the influence of the environment into which he got. Interestingly, if you kill the word "strange" in the search engine, then the system issues "Chinese" as one of the synonyms. During this time, the style of the photographer is changing dramatically - from the static nature of the staging frames, he comes to the dynamics balancing on the brink of the reportage photography.

Snapshots of the nightclub's life entered the "Behind the scene" series, which this year won at the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Award in the Newcomer nomination. Over the past three months, this series has been featured at exhibitions and fairs in Germany, France and Poland.

The project of Playday includes pictures and videos from personal archives of Sergey Melnichenko, made during the work of the night club. In this way, a double curtain - the interior of the dancers and what's happening behind the photographer. When the reverse side is opened, the picture of what is going on becomes solid and alive.

The party in the club is like a morning party for adults, in which everyone present gets its role. The ability to live a state other than the usual, incredibly attractive. But dawn comes and, having overcome the hangover, everyone returns to their affairs. Playday is a holiday where you can forget all the worries and play a different life. But here we get a mirror, where the party is not a departure from reality, but reality itself. And the things that seemed from the inside seemed a bright fun, from the outside looks extremely dramatic.

In the series "Behind the scene" Sergey Melnichenko shot girls who were not professional dancers. Their job is to spend time with the visitors of the institution, and this is called consumation. The homonym of this word returns to the marriage tradition of the implementation of the first sexual act of the newlyweds. The irony is that these concepts are opposite in the perception of society, but both, and the other correspond to their root consummatio "top".