"Pop-art preview"

(УКР) Сергей Якименко
01 November 2016 - 11 November 2016

On November 1, on Tuesday, a preview of the new large-scale project of the Kharkov artist Sergey Yakimenko will take place in the Unlimited Art Foundation Art Space. There will be presented several two and three meter paintings, a collection of collages and pictures, episodes of the future big comic story. The preview of the show will last only a few days. The entire project will open the Unlimited Art Foundation 2017 exhibition season.

The work of preview-exposition, as well as of the whole project, is created in the genre of pop art and graffiti. As the artist says, the preview format, like the right aperitif, should warm the appetite, intrigue the viewer before completely immersing it into the ocean of pop art of illusions.

Full immersion of the viewer into the world of the artist - the main purpose of the future exhibition, where the paintings will flow smoothly into the installation, and create a single whole. The artist will present our world, dreams, experiences and emotions through the prism of pop art. And the premise will give an opportunity to be fully convinced of this.

Yakimenko's exhibition will become another manifestation of a series of projects of the Unlimited Art Foundation, which give an opportunity to explore the degree of freedom and the various facets of the works of young Ukrainian artists.

Tatyana Mironova, founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation: "Sergey Yakimenko is one of the few Ukrainian artists who works in the genre of comics. His pop art collages have made a fresh jet in Ukrainian contemporary art. Now it is interesting to us to give the artist the opportunity to develop a comic-direction in painting, new installations and art-objects. I am sure Sergey Yakimenko has great potential and will be able to make his statement bright, extraordinary and memorable. "

About the artist Sergey Yakimenko: Born in 1987, graduated from Kharkiv Art School, the Faculty of Sculpture, works as illustrator. In 2015, he became the nominee for the prestigious PinchukArtCentre Prize 2015.

About Unlimited Art Foundation: Founded in 2014. The mission of the fund is to support and develop all facets and components of Ukrainian young art. Space U.A.F. - A platform for free creativity and educational programs. The founder and author of the idea of ​​the Unlimited Art Foundation - Tatyana Mironova.