Oleksii Zolotariov Interference

Oleksii Zolotariov Interference

26 October 2017 - 16 November 2017

I find the notion of memory very important. What are the principles of its embossing, why can the memory be manipulated, how is information differenciated in people’s minds, how does it come together to form clusters which influence each other?

I addressed the notion which I find universal - interference. In the displayed/presented works, I pay attention to the moments when the personal touches upon the social and, the other way round, when personal emotions are shaped under the influence of processes happening in the world.

Sometimes, it is astonishing how modern people have no choice in the situation of information overload - they remember the things imposed on them and forget things they are made to forget.

And this interference assumes unreal, sometimes unnaturally beautiful forms. The collage form that I have chosen for my artistic expression aspires for beauty all by itself. This esthetic attractiveness offers the viewers images which deliberatelly disrupt their focus, and a kind of interference occurs, a distorted perception of reality.

The events of my life, information I receive, hear, feel are not always trustworthy either, even if they cause an implicit emotional reflection.

By the way, information is best remembered during a strong emotional distress. It is transformed into certain associative blocks and is forever ingrained in the memory.

Every person thinks of their own thing receiving the same information, which means I have no right to impose anything on anyone. I only want people to pay attention to how important it is to understand the objectivity of algorithms of human activity, the role played in its activity by phenomena which are perceived and in what way interests and feelings become activated.