"Our people"

(УКР) Петр Бевза, Юрий Соломко, Владислав Шерешевский, Анатолий Валиев, Артем Зигура, Зоя Орлова, Юрий Коваль, Нина Мурашкина, Сергей Якименко, Анна Валиева, Роман Громов, Елена Домбровская, Татьяна Колесник, Юлия Полякова, Валерий…
19 August 2016 - 31 August 2016

The project was created by Focus magazine and the UnlimitedArtFoundation Foundation for the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. Curator - Julia Nuzhina.

The exposition contains works of contemporary Ukrainian artists and sculptors dedicated to famous people from Ukraine.

The project involves artists from different regions of the country, Ukrainian art meters and youth:
Petro Bevza, Yuriy Solomko, Vladislav Shereshevsky, Anatoliy Valiev, Artem Zigura, Zoya Orlova, Yuriy Koval, Nina Murashkina, Sergiy Yakimenko, Anna Valieva, Roman Gromov, Elena Dombrovska, Tetyana Kolesnik, Julia Polyakova, Valery Kopisov, Valery Tarasenko.

25 years of independence, you will not call it cloudless, but they have made it very important - the current generation knows that Ukraine is not only a land where "clear stars and quiet waters" and "two gentlemen three hetmans". This is a land that has long been a gift to the world of talented people. The people we are proud of.

The exhibition "Our People" is about self-awareness and self-identification of our society. Artists do not divide the images of famous immigrants from Ukraine by nationality and significance in Ukrainian history. They just want to show that all of this is "our people" - guys, we have what to be proud of!

The project was created with the support of Dymchuk gallery, Sky Art Foundation, Tuzov Art Croup, ArtHuss Foundation.