"The silence of the stars" Vladimir Kuznezov

Галерея Міронової в міській галереї Лавра
17 May 2014 - 05 July 2014

UN SILENCE D'ETOILES is the first personal exhibition of the artist Vladimir Kuznetsov in the Mironova Gallery. The exhibition expands the aesthetic experience of wall painting "We are building a new country together", which was implemented by the artist within the framework of the group exhibition "The Power of Art" from March 28 to May 11, 2014.

The title "Building a New Country Together" is in fact a quotation from the interviews with Maidan activists who were there from the first days of the revolution. The artist and his colleagues asked a few questions to participants of recent events. The interview is broadcast on the monitor, and provides an opportunity to look inside the events on the Independence. The monitor is located in a circle of chairs, the viewer can join this circle and talk and take part in the "joint construction of a new country."

"Silence of the Stars" describes the existential experience of the cosmic universe, which sometimes seems to speak to us, and sometimes not, in spite of the permanent evidence of its existence in time and space. Oddly enough, he is in the same continuum where we find our existence. The intolerable and capricious noise of space outlines the metaphysical dilemma. We must understand that sometimes the feeling of pain from loneliness, uncertainty in the spirit and purpose of our existence, condemns us to become ourselves and to create our own world.

The magical experience of full of radiant and brilliant solids throws us back into the everyday reality. A reality that is not defined by metaphysical secrets or magical relationships, but actually by people. Their interests, dreams and goals, the game of power and domination, their struggle for those who have the right to be in power, determine political reality and decision-making. And we know our most important and human instrument - language, conversation, dialogue - visual and verbal communication.

"Silence of the Stars" stands for artistic reflections on the role of art, responsibility and capabilities of artists in social reality. This is reflected in general issues, as well as in solving specific difficult tasks. How can artists react and act in a political situation when the nation and people stand on the brink of civil war?

Volodymyr Kuznetsov, born in 1976 in Lutsk, Ukraine, and studied at the Lviv Academy of Arts from 1999 to 2005, has an answer. He takes an active part in discussions about organizations of public structures and in his work returns to the basic tools of artistic expression - a piece of paper, pencil, basic colors, brush and speech.

Drawing is a very direct means of transforming a complex, multidimensional reality into an image, a picture of the creation of the world. At the same time, the pencil line gives the artist a lot of ways for emotional and psychological shades that add unique and very personal nuances. The artist creates an image of a situation, a mood, an emotion that allows the viewer to know the complexity of the world with the eyes of someone else. Thus, when contemplating the drawing, there is a moment of direct visual communication. And we are not talking about the transfer of the whole world, but about the opportunity to see the unique and personal creation of another world, in this case, the vision and view of the artist.

In addition, Volodymyr Kuznetsov wanders into the experience of the exhibition one more stratum. He expands the field of pure visual communication by commenting on his own drawings. Texts placed in space are a sample of his own thoughts, memories, and stories about the situation when he created drawings. In some cases, he transforms drawings and inscriptions using another medium - embroidery. Thus, referring to other ways of traditional crafts and visual communication.

Raynald Schumacher