"Spring is not for everyone" Igor Gusev

(УКР) Игорь Гусева
09 July 2017 - 06 August 2017

FACE Foundation presents an exhibition of the famous Odessa artist Igor Gusev's "Spring is not for everyone"

June 29 - August 6, 2017


Over the past few years, he was finally convinced that he was using oxygen alongside him, scribbling in social networks characters from unusually diverse historical periods and epochs.

Manned Neanderthals, medieval intellectuals, silicone mracobis, witnits-temptations and other spiritual transformers. And everyone on his forehead or on the back of his head was written: "Do as I do!"

Sometimes, especially in the spring, he wanted to subject them to a revival process. Output, shake out the state of a long hibernation. Give to each one a twig with a blossoming wai-eyed. Implant sapphires of conscience and rubies of shame.

But whenever he was ready to awaken them, he prevented something.

- And suddenly they will die? So one hundred percent will take and die! Dumb can not withstand immersion in reality ... Okay, let it all remains as it is!

The fear that at one appointed time nobody wakes up will always win

Igor Gusev

April 10, 2017

The exhibition "Spring is not for everyone" focuses on one side of the work of Igor Gusev, which covers painting, performances, installations, movies, poetry. For the artist, the installation is a kind of time machine, because as an integral attribute of contemporary art it has already century-long history.

Igor Gusev: If I am not mistaken, I made my first installation in 1991, and maybe even earlier. Remember, in the middle of the nineties, everyone said painting was dead. Somewhere in the same time Soros Foundation was opened in Ukraine. The whole era of flowering of videos, performances, and installations - they did not give money for anything else. However, after the 2000s, many artists spat on postmodern dogmas and returned to painting. Especially since modern technology, computer graphics have taken a step already far enough. Today everything is different. Once a few years, the curators suggest that I make the installation. I agree with pleasure.

Last time Igor Gusev turned to the installation in 2015 - during the 2-month residence of the DUKLEY EUROPEAN ART COMMUNITY in Montenegro, to which the artist invited the curator of the project Marat Gelman

June 29, 2017 About ten new installations of the artist will be presented at the FACE FOUNDATION exhibition. Only one of them - "WE - BROTHERS, YOU?" - a remake made in the Montenegrin residence; the difference is that the natural Montenegrin stones Igor substitutes for the doll.

Igor Gusev: To send stones by mail? I have not come to such radicalism!

In his installations Igor Gusev usually tends to be ready-made, the material for his last installations was plastic, plexiglas, vinyl records. The room of the gallery resembles the composition of a strange store of the 1960s-70s, in which scarce goods are on the same shelf with a sense of life.

Igor Gusev's special view is always manifested in the names of his exhibitions and individual works. In most cases, the verbal formula deduced by the author is "perpendicular" to the visual expression. The artist believes that his flow of consciousness should be made in familiar images taken from the environment, and relayed mystical and transcendental experience must necessarily intersect with the routine, in order to give the viewer a key to understanding the exhibition.

Igor Gusev: I have never had a desire to live and work in the capital. Getting to my studio in Odessa and seeing the picture is of course possible. But to see new objects is practically not real. I wanted to show them in Kiev. Whatever they say, it is difficult to make installations in Ukraine - they are rarely bought and stored anywhere. Painting? Painting gives more freedom - everything depends on you. Heart - hand - brush! And forward! Work on the installation though assumes a different degree of freedom still depends on the material and budget. Although good art can be made of garbage. As for the superfluous commercial component of painting, I would argue. The burned esteat immediately catches the eye, which installations sponsored funds, and which are intended for the interior.

Igor Gusev graduated from the Odessa Art College named after. M. B. Grekov. Participant of all major exhibition projects in Ukraine. The leader of the "Art-Raiders" movement, the founder of the underground gallery "Norma". Live in Odessa.

FACE Foundation was founded by Tatiana Mironova in 2014.

Mission FACE Foundation

- Integration of modern technologies into art

- international cultural exchanges

- Promotion of young artists and their projects

- formation of a positive image of Ukrainian art on the international art scene