Art-project "Verge"

(УКР) Артем Волокитин, Дмитрий Эрлих, Екатерина Ермолаева, Роман Минин, Анна Миронова, Франсуаза Оз, Богдан Перевертун, Сергей Попов
27 September 2016 - 23 October 2016


The frontier is another project that U.A.F organizes. - Unlimited Art Foundation with the best representatives of Ukrainian contemporary art. This is another manifestation of a series of exhibitions that focus on defining limits and boundaries and unlawfully penetrating such limitations into consciousness and everyday life. A series of exhibitions is an attempt to explore the meaning of freedom and its boundaries through the prism of creativity of various artists.

The frontier is one of the planes that forms the pyramid of our consciousness. This is also a definite milestone, the definition of the boundaries between objects, content, feelings, between being and irreality, between freedom of thought and non-freedom of action. This is a certain transition from one state of consciousness to another state of mind. It can be described as a shift, similar to a change in mood or personal feelings. A border can mean the moment of transition from one thought to another and into the genesis of a new idea.

The works of young artists will determine those thin facets of emotions that affect consciousness and encourage a new perception of reality.

The project was attended by: Artem Volokitin, Dmitry Erlich, Katerina Yermolayeva, Roman Minin, Anna Mironova, Francoise Oz, Bogdan Perevertun, Sergiy Popov.