"Global warming"

(УКР) Лесь Панчишин та Богдан Кухарський
30 November 2016 - 10 December 2016

On November 30 (Wednesday), at 18.00, the exhibition of young Lviv artists Lesya Punchyshina and Bohdan Kuharsky will be held in the exhibition space Unlimited Art Foundation (Lavrsky Lane, 7).

The exhibition will feature paintings and original art objects using ceramics and natural materials

What carries us the warming that everyone is talking about? Eternal colorful summer paradise and warming in society, in the souls? Is this really a natural cataclysm that changes climate, nature, is not a joy, but a catastrophe that ultimately changes the environment, society, people? In any case, this term means changes that lead to new images, sensations, a new world outlook of the universe and oneself as part of it.

Sophisticated painting by Les Pancyshyn, full of images of exotic birds and animals. They are many in the paintings of the artist - fragile flamingos, graceful elephants, birds of paradise. But what awaits them because of global environmental disasters, wars and stubborn reluctance of humanity to go through bug fixes and peaceful development? Will we be able to see this diversity of natural beauty and harmony in the future?

At the same time, the artist brings a sense of global warming in feelings and mood to the brightest joyous colors, rich smears.

The peculiar sculpture of Bogdan Kuharsky brings contradictions into the project, breaking stereotypes. forms and lines, the change of textures and images that shade the colors of the picturesque world make it more mysterious and unexpected. And they are reminded of the polarity of sight, constant motion and change, the duality of world perception, which in any case is based on eternal images and immutable spiritual values.

Tetyana Mironova, founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation; "The theme of the development of civilization and society is the main in the world of contemporary art. But even in the unexpected and original statements of young Ukrainian artists, there is a cultural basis, a special world perception that is transmitted through all generations of our people, in color, in images, impressions. "

Les Pancyshyn: born in 1991 in the family of musicians in the city of Novyi Rustin. Studied at the Lviv Art College at the Faculty of Art Ceramics. Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts. I had personal exhibitions in Lviv, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk. He was a member of group exhibitions in Geneva, New York, Toronto.

Bohdan Kuharsky: Born in 1984 in Ternopil, graduated from the Faculty of Sociology in Lublin. I had personal and group exhibitions in Lviv, Kiev, Katowice, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Toronto.