"Retrospective" Andrey Bludov

(УКР) Андрій Блудов
23 May 2017 - 05 June 2017

On May 19, in the framework of the Book Arsenal at the stand of the Adef-Ukraine Publishing House, a presentation of the artist's art album, Andrei Bludov, was presented. That same day, Tatiana Mironova in the gallery FACE Foundation presented an exhibition-retrospective of works by Andriy Bludov.

"The works of Bludova," Tetiana says, "show an evident evolution from analysis to synthesis, from ritual to spontaneity.

However, the artist always has a clear reluctance to give the painting an over gravity, and his paintings do not look like enigmatic structures, but beautiful and ironic works of art. He aspires to the ease of perception and balance in conjunction with the "metaphysical" strictly ambiguous. "

The exhibition features works from the Gastronomy, Attractions and Station series
"I am positioning my painting as some kind of allegory of the consciousness of a modern man," says the artist, "clip, burst, and quote. This is an atmospheric painting, a stream that starts from nowhere and goes away. In it spontaneously there are images, which, when connected with the element, create the necessary vibrations, which then pass through the paintings to the viewer. Thus, the series is closed: the artist - the picture - the viewer, and I feel the feedback. My painting is in harmony with other people, they sometimes tell in detail what is happening to them when they look at the pictures. "

The exhibition is open until June 10.

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