Art-project "Transition"

(УКР) Дарья Кольцова, Роман Михайлов, Анна Надуда, Ома Шу и Екатерина Еромолаева
14 April 2016 - 15 May 2016

Participants - Daria Koltsova, Roman Mikhailov, Anna Naduda, Oma Shu and Katerina Yeromolayeva. Curator - Rinald Schumacher.

TRANSITION The TRANSITION became the opening of not only new facets of contemporary Ukrainian art, but also the presentation of a new creative exhibition space in the center of Kiev.

TRANSITION TRANSITION - the first of a series of exhibitions devoted to the theme of freedom. Freedoms of personal, social, political, freedom from the borders, which, one way or another, are imposed on us by society.

Artists determine the limits and possibilities for overcoming them, demonstrate a personal understanding of freedom, using the language of art.

"Transitions are a transition from one state of consciousness to another, which, perhaps, can be compared with a change in mood or personal feelings. Transitions can mean moving from one thought to another, which eventually leads to the genesis of a new idea, "says project curator Raynald Schumacher.

As part of the project, artists use painting and music, lines and kaleidoscopic imagery, so that the idea revives, and each picture from a separate art object becomes part of a holistic space. In this context, U.A.F. is a unique art site, which involves lifting restrictions, studying yourself, freedom of thinking and perception. The walls, floor and ceiling here are layers, which, as in the photoshop, can change the reality to non-recognition. This means the permeability of a space, like a membrane or a filter, through which the border can be crossed in whatever direction.

"The new creative space of the Unlimited Art Foundation is an opportunity to realize their bold ideas and creative ambitions for young Ukrainian artists. This is a playground for musical and poetry clubs, for video art and special cinema shows, this is a library of art and a place for educational programs - so creative and fashionable, we see our territory ideally ", - says the founder of the Unlimited Art Foundation Tatiana Mironova.