"The question. The freedom of a dialog. And something else important."

14 May 2015 - 28 June 2015

On May 14th Mironova Gallery presents a personal project by Yevgen Samborsky "Questions. Trying to create a dialogue. Something else of importance". The project is supervised by  Rainald Schumacher. The exhibition is open until June 28th.

Yevgen Samborsky:
- I spend all of my time working during last several years. I don’t do anything else, absolutely nothing. Although it`s hard to call it “work”. I have neither the schedule, nor the weekend. And nobody is checking its realization to be on time as well, and there’s no outcome itself. Perhaps, the worst thing about this work is that nobody gives a task. It has a somewhat strange nature. I read a lot (I choose myself what to read), and I write down something from what I’ve read. Sometimes I travel somewhere, I check the news a bit, I write, I create computer files and folders, mostly in the folder called "Notes for works" (while writing this, I clicked on "Properties" – it contains 33 287 files; 1 205 folders). I also create certain things that are commonly referred to as “products of creative activity”. Some questions have raised a long time ago: "What am I and what are my colleagues, if I may call them so, doing?", "Am I ready to accept the fact that I am involved in essentially invisible or purposely ignored activities, the same way as all other artists?" While following the history of own self-development I've been noticing that these issues gain more and more significance for me with every time. In addition, new questions arise. For instance, “Is it possible for the things me and my colleagues to do to influence the events taking place in Ukraine now in any way?", “What do we need art for if it allows current events to happen?”…

Analyzing my own previous praxis I`ve defined main subjects, which majority of my works relates to. They refer to the following issues in general:

- Lack of professional art education in Ukraine - present schools run the educational system, which is obsolete, and has been developed a long time ago. It is very poor. And it significantly differs from the educational system of developed countries.

- Search for historical belonging to certain culture and art tradition, largely caused by the lack of systematization and decent representation of the Ukrainian avant-garde of the twentieth century.

Finally, almost all works contain the subject of rethinking the methods of my own activity, in other words, searching for my own identity. It primarily demonstrates the fact of non-professional functioning of systems of arts and culture in Ukraine. Although it has been known for a long time to those somehow involved in it. These detections have served as a certain impulse for development of this project.

The project touches the study of the correlation among employees of arts system, in particular the figure of an artist and finding his place in a modern society, and non-professional functioning of art institutions as well as arts and cultural system in general.

Rainald Schumacher:
Yevgen Samborsky’s work is based on a genuine and authentic artistic approach. Instead of an emotional or psychological creative eruption or a rather formal and technical approach, Yevgen Samborsky’s practice find its roots in the social and cultural reality of Ukraine. He analyses the actual status quo for contemporary art and artists in the country and reflects on the historical factors, which led to the recent stagancy. This is a result of the absence of a profound art education in the art high schools and the missing art historical research about any kind of avant-garde or non-conformist art in times before the fall of the USSR. The situation can be further characterized by the complete deficiency of public or private institutions, which support in an effective and sustainable way contemporary art and artists. The lack of infrastructure is increased by the missing dialogue about contemporary art. Art is not considered to be one of the most important tools to reflect our reality and to question our prejudices, but, at best, understood as a decorative element with maybe some investment opportunities.

This is the background upon Yevgen Samborsky takes into question his position as an artist. Based on the stalemate of the actual situation, he employs strategies of an analytical conceptualism, which allows him a quite unique position in the Ukrainian art discourse. As the title suggests, the exhibition is composed of three closely related and concerted components.

The first part, QUESTIONS, is carefully wording the basic problematic and takes on the format of public advertising or campaigning. The second part, TRYING TO CREATE A DIALOGUE, is a precise proposal for a working structure of a conceivable art institution, as for example Lavra City Gallery. In the third part, SOMETHING ELSE OF IMPORTANCE, he will confront the viewer with a a series of dedications to Unknown Artists. This part will also contain a series of paintings, which are based on personal experiences of younger artitsts, who had to give up their dream, being forced to find a job to make a living.

Change for the better can only happen, when a precise analyses has been made. Yevgen Samborsky takes this task serious and proposes at the same time a model for the future development.